R-Squared, Ricky Rath, is a 23-year-old DJ from Tacoma, Washington recognized for his versatile high energy dance music sets and expansive open-format freestyling.

After DJing for five years, R-Squared began dipping his toes into producing his own edits, mashups, and remixes in 2018. Over the past two years, he has hit stages across Washington with his open-format events and his intricately crafted sets such as co-headlining Lawnstock 2018 and his Legacy set in 2019. He’s known for his deep library and his ability to play anything and everything.


R-Squared built a following of passionate supporters across social media through creating his own in-house digital content production and promotions leading to several successful mix releases such as the War on Planet X and the Summer Cruisin’ series. Known for incorporating aspects of storytelling, he uses narratives within his mixes to bring them to life. Through the “War on Planet IX.V” project, he rallied to second place in the 2018 USC Events Paradiso DJ Invitational.


Along with his music, R-Squared is recognized for his community work with events such as UNDERREPRESENTED: Creating a Platform for DJs of Color and R-Squared & Friends, a benefit show for launching a scholarship for Southeast Asian American creative dreamers. As a Cambodian American, R-Squared hopes to represent his culture and inspires other Asian American kids to pursue their creative dreams and aspiration. As he rapidly grows his support base and pushes the pedal on music production, R-Squared is a name to look forward to in Washington’s dance music scene.

Kelly Wong, also known as HEYKERI 🌸, is a 22-year-old DJ from San Jose, California, who is concurrently pursuing a degree in Computer Science at Cal Poly SLO.  She started making mixes on Soundcloud about a year and a half ago drawing inspiration from mixes she would listen to while studying, such as the Diplo & friends series, Too Future series, and the monthly mixes from Yetep.  Kelly is also an aspiring producer and is actively teaching herself how to produce. Since starting her musical journey, Kelly has built a strong following on Soundcloud of loyal fans, who know her for her creative edits and her versatile ability to mix a wide variety of electronic music ranging from chill feels, energetic future bass, groovy rnb, and filthy trap.  She has opened for several well-known DJ/producers such as Robotaki, ARMNHMR, and Luca Lush within the last year, and has played all across California, from San Francisco to central California to Los Angeles. One of her biggest achievements was winning her school's DJ'ing contest to open for their annual Spring Concert, for which Jeremih was the headliner.

For aspiring creatives, it can be draining to find  the time and energy to balance their art, work/school and life and sometimes that journey can feel lonely and tiring. Kelly attributes a large part of her success in music to the collective that she is a part of, called Better Than One collective, or BTO for short, for providing her with a family of fellow aspiring DJs and producers. Each member shares the same love for music and the same drive to work hard for what they love. This shared passion has encouraged Kelly to keep going when times were rough and guide her to where she is now.  "Music has always kept me grounded; It has always been there for me, from providing me with an outlet for my emotions, to getting me hyped do to literally anything. Honestly though, the thing I love most about music is how it allows you to connect with so many other people - even people you've never met before - and for me, sharing my story with others through musical storytelling is one of the best feelings in the world."

Joed is an aspiring dance producer and DJ from Renton, Washington and currently attends the University of Washington in Seattle. Inspired by the legendary works of Avicii, Kygo and San Holo, Joed blends in traditional progressive house with tropical and future bass elements that bridges the style of emotional-melodic synths with groovy, deep, and atmospheric leads. With an EP and remixes derived from San Holo and Whethan. Joed continues to blend the aspects of all of his inspirations as well as bringing something new to the table. “Music is a feeling that we create, in other word’s it’s a super power because of the many different moods we can make someone feel. My goal is to discover as many feelings and moods out there for the listener to experience. I look forward to sharing my sounds with avid music listeners as well as to inspire and influence creators of different backgrounds and art.

Sareybodd (Rey) Chhorn, AKA Reydium, started DJing back in May 2017 and threw a mini rave at his house for his close friends because he believed that music brought people together whether or not they all liked the same music; it was about the energy, the love, and the vibes. His initial mixing style and genre was Progressive House, but after 2 years of experimenting, he found that capturing the essence of emotions was his best way of mixing. You can expect plenty of feelsy melodic dubstep/bass mixed in with heavy and dark wubs to give you a nice “bi-polar” set of sounds.

Reydium is from Kent and has done sets for churches, Flying Circus (Trampoline Park), birthday and house parties, and school projects. Every other week or so, he has friends come over to mix their own song library or have him showcase what new things he has up his sleeve. The reactions to those moments make him feel alive and that he’s able to give a feeling of awe to someone else other than himself from mixing music, is what keeps him going. Every year he finds himself wondering if he’s getting any better, but when you compare the change in style and song choice year by year, you really get to hear how an artist “evolves”. For every creative artist out there, not just for music, give yourself credit and time for growing! The more practice and time you put in, the more better you will develop your craft.

Reydium is all about distributing the positive vibes and sharing the love. If you’re ready to cry AND headbang, check this mans out!

E/J is a 24-year-old producer from Olympia, WA. While not well-known, he has gained a small but devoted following. To date, he has only released one song: an "Umbrella" remix using the acapella from Ember Island's cover. The track has gained support from R-Squared himself who has played it at every one of his shows since its release.


E/J began learning how to produce dance music in 2015 after stumbling upon a video of Zedd playing his song "Spectrum" on the piano. He was inspired and began seeing how he could translate his piano and guitar skills into his productions. However, music production was just something he did when he was bored at the time. It wasn't until recently that he started to take it more seriously. Lex leaked some unfinished songs to their friends, and they reacted very positively and wanted to support. This helped E/J build up the confidence to release his "Umbrella" remix. Although inexperienced and lacking a large portfolio, potential was seen in him. This resulted in him being chosen to perform alongside Reydium for R-Squared & Friends. If you want to hear some of his new songs, you'll need to come through!

Trillivm is an American DJ and producer whose production style and track selection are truly all-encompassing with a focus on funky and thizz face inducing house. With performances at local Bellingham venues such as The Wild buffalo, Kombucha town, The Shakedown and at Western Washington University as well as iconic venues under his belt in Seattle such as Stage Nightclub & Aston Manor. Growing up in South Seattle he has seen much success with his performances and his production can only be described as trill. His high energy sets, versatile flow and unparalleled stage presence knows no limit. You never know what to expect from him, and the future is remarkably bright for this young artist, living by the words;


Stay Humble, Stay Trill.

Phillip Nguyen better known by his stage name, Winslo, was born and raised in Bellingham, Washington. At an early age, Nguyen discovered an undeniable fascination and passion towards music by taking up the guitar in elementary school as well as picking up electronic music production in high school. Nguyen noted that it wasn’t until his second year in college that he truly fell for electronic dance music through videos of DJs mesmerizing crowds at festivals he would find through online  media sources that sparked a newfound fire within him to pursue something similar thus giving birth to his stage name, Winslo.


Starting out local, Nguyen began playing shows around Bellingham at house shows until his inception with MAYA Concept Co. whose art collective took him on to support his music vision. In time, Nguyen parted ways in order to work more independently and focus more on his own music production. With the support of friends and other musical artists in the scene, he has taken his home town by storm through laying it down at The Wild Buffalo and Studio B as well as releasing his first original song titled “Anything 4 U” last year. Things are looking promising for Winslo whose sounds and sonics cover the nasty filth of heavy bass balanced with the euphoric anthems of futuristic vibes in subdued harmony.

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